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“The pandemic reminded me of where I come from. It added to my motivation to become a physician. It’s made me think about ways I could incorporate research as a physician. It’s really a motivating factor.”

– Suleiman Ameh, D.O.'24

“DMU focuses on all eight aspects of wellness when you are a student here. From physical, to emotional, to social, I could tell that the faculty here really cared about me as a person and wanted me to succeed in all aspects of my life. I also love that DMU holds the 50 and Better Fair! I have a minor in gerontology and adore the fact that DMU cares about their older adult community around them.”

– Carlye Marshall, PA'22

“One of the best parts about being in the DPT program at DMU is the people you are surrounded with. All of the faculty want to see you succeed, regardless of whether they are from your department or guest lecturing from another. All of your classmates are there to support you, too, and there’s no competition because everyone wants the same outcome for each other. It’s an extremely welcoming environment.”

– Brittney England, D.P.T.'21

“DMU provides invaluable resources to catapult its students into success in every aspect of their lives.

The professors are extremely friendly and excited to teach and improve the learning process for their students. I am very grateful for the education offered at DMU.”

– Sedale Boire, D.O.’23

“Transitioning from our lifelong dedication in the classroom into clinical rotations is something that every student who walks the halls of Des Moines University looks forward to. I am here to say it is both the most exciting yet humbling time in my life thus far. DMU does a great job of making this transition as manageable while still as challenging as possible - it is not overwhelming but it is definitely not something anyone takes lightly.”

– Michaela Heys, D.P.M.'22

“As a student in both the M.H.A. and D.O. programs, I have a fantastic opportunity to not only learn the science of medicine, but also to learn how to actually deliver care.

These programs are teaching me how to do all of these things.”

– Tom Fusillo, D.O.’23, M.H.A.’24

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One Day for DMU

One Day for DMU

Noon to noon, April 28-29

We are excited to announce that the Employee Campaign will occur during One Day for DMU, a 24-hour fundraising event for everyone in the DMU community (alumni, faculty, staff, family, students, friends) to give back and celebrate what they care about at DMU.

Learn more about One Day for DMU and how you can get involved!

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