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Donors Gave During One Day for DMU

Challenge Results

Most Donors Challenge

Extra dollars awarded to the top two funds that receive the most donors. 1st place receives $5,000 and 2nd place receives $2,500. Provided by the DMU Alumni Board of Directors.

Top Funds Donors
DMU Fund96
DMU Employees Supporting Students Scholarship72
Glanton Fund30

Alumni Participation Challenge

Make a gift of any amount to help your college receive the highest percentage of alumni participation. The winner will get an additional $5,000 for their college funds.

Support your college: CHS | COM | CPMS

College Percent Participation
College of Health Sciences0.62%
College of Osteopathic Medicine0.96%
College of Podiatric Medicine0.64%

Faculty & Staff Challenge

When we reach 50% employee participation, an additional $5,000 will be matched by President Franklin.

Challenge Complete!

Percentage of DMU Employees Who Have Given

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What is One Day for DMU?

One Day for DMU is an annual single-day online fundraising event for Des Moines University. For 24-hours, alumni, faculty and staff, students and friends from all over the world come together to give back and celebrate what they care about at DMU.

Can anyone participate in One Day for DMU?

Absolutely. Support from everyone in the DMU community (alumni, faculty, staff, family, students, friends) counts on this day.

Where does my gift go?

Gifts go where you want. You may choose to designate your gift to an area of your choice – a specific college, DMU Fund, scholarships, white coat program or to any of our many other funds. Just click “Make a Gift” and select where you would like to designate your gift.

Are One Day for DMU contributions tax-deductible?

Yes, your gift is tax-deductible. Online gifts receive an email confirmation that serves as your receipt for tax purposes. If you did not receive a receipt, you can request a new one by emailing donations@dmu.edu.

How can I help spread the word?

Your voice makes One Day for DMU a success. Check out the spread the word tab for sample social media posts. Post about One Day for DMU on all your social networks using #OneDayforDMU.

Does my gift count toward Purple & Proud: The Campaign for Des Moines University?

Yes, all gifts on One Day for DMU will count toward the overall dollar and gift totals for Purple & Proud.

I still have questions. How can I get in touch?

Feel free to send us an email at donations@dmu.edu or call us at 515-271-1454.
One Day For DMU "Save the Date" social media graphic.

Post before One Day for DMU

Mark your calendar! One Day for DMU is April 19-20. dmu.edu/oneday #ONEDAYFORDMU

Can’t wait for One Day for DMU? Make your gift early! dmu.edu/oneday #ONEDAYFORDMU

One Day For DMU "Day Of" social media graphic.

Post during One Day for DMU

It’s One Day for DMU, the University’s 24-hour online giving day! Give now to show you’re Purple & Proud! dmu.edu/oneday #ONEDAYFORDMU

I supported One Day for DMU! Join me at dmu.edu/oneday #ONEDAYFORDMU

One Day For DMU "Thank You" social media graphic.

Post after One Day for DMU

Thank you for making a difference on One Day for DMU! #ONEDAYFORDMU

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