Purple & Proud - The Campaign for Des Moines University

A Grand New Vision Building the future of health care

In 2018, when we announced the Purple & Proud Campaign, we said it was the start of "something big."

We are now pursuing a vision of something even bigger.

Purple & Proud is the campaign that continues to advance Des Moines University with the development of an entirely new campus and renewed institutional vision. That bold vision includes new and expanded programs, a new campus, and a wholly transformed model of health sciences education, training, research, and clinical services that will meet the needs of our faculty, students, and communities well into the future.

Join us. Invest in us. Advance with us.

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Angela Walker Franklin

Campaign Priority #1

A new health sciences campus From the Ground Up

Supported by Purple & Proud, the new campus will propel the educational transformation the University envisions. The University is moving not only its physical campus, but it is also reinventing the way it delivers education. DMU is evolving to meet the nation’s health care needs.


Campaign Priority #2

Support our students By providing access to the finest education

• Expand cultural competency programming
• Increase scholarship funding
• Grow mental health initiatives


Campaign Priority #3

Invest in our faculty By fueling innovation

• Create endowed faculty positions
• Establish faculty awards

Join us. Invest with us. Advance with us.

campaign progress

As of December 1, 2020

Because of you, our bold vision will continue

Because of YOU, we surpassed our goal of $25 million more than a year before the campaign’s original conclusion. Your support has shown us that we can dream bigger for the future of health care.

$0 $5M $10M $15M $20M $25M
Original Goal
$30M $35M $40M $45M $50M
$0 $12.5M $25M
Original Goal
$37.5M $50M
Over Original Goal
Overall Donors
Alumni Donors
Total Gifts

Kelly and Clifford Houseman, D.O.’07, FACOS, demonstrate gratitude with gift for new practice lab

Clifford Houseman, D.O.’07, FACOS, was in fourth grade when he told his parents he planned to become a physician. It wasn’t until his third year as a DMU osteopathic medical student, however, that he decided to pursue neurosurgery as his career. During rotation, he assisted with an emergency surgery on an 18-year-old woman whose prognosis …

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Unlocking the secrets of anatomy

Lauren Butaric, Ph.D., has spent a fair amount of time hunting through dusty bins of skulls at museums and universities, searching for ones that aren’t broken so she can take CT scans of their nasal sinuses to produce 3D models for her research on craniofacial variation. The associate professor of anatomy demonstrates similar dedication to …

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Daughter honors osteopathic leader’s legacy

Joseph McNerney, D.O.’37, FACOI, was a pioneer and practitioner in internal medicine, a devoted DMU graduate and a lecturer and teacher for more than 50 years. His deep commitment to patient care, osteopathic medicine and medical education inspired and enhanced decades’ worth of students, interns, residents and fellow physicians. He also was a father of …

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“DMU has a very promising future, and that’s why I’m proud to support the Purple & Proud campaign. It’s exciting when you build a new medical school from the ground up to have that outfitted with cutting edge technology.”

Steven Herwig, D.O.’76

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