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Supported Faculty Positions

DMU faculty are passionate about their role and responsibility in preparing highly competent and compassionate health care professionals. They challenge students in classes and labs while supporting them as individuals and collaborators, a combination not common in medical school.

Endowed Faculty Positions

Endowment gifts that support faculty positions provide a lasting source of funding for the individuals who hold them via competitive compensation, scholarship support, research funding and more. These positions also honor the donor, because endowed faculty positions hold the name of the donor. Everything the faculty member achieves, from research publications to professional accomplishments, will carry the donor’s name, creating a lasting legacy.

Endowment Giving Levels

Endowed Purpose Minimum Endowment Level
Dean's Chair $3,000,000
Faculty Chair $1,000,000
Professorship $500,000
Research Fund $500,000
Fellowship in Osteopathic Manual Medicine $75,000
Faculty Awards
(Outstanding Teacher, Outstanding Service, Distinguished Scholar, Distinguished Researcher)
Expendable Faculty Support

“From the moment I first stepped on campus and interviewed at DMU, I realized this was an environment that was going to foster success. That feeling was reinforced throughout my DMU experience as faculty taught us the skills to grow academically and develop into health professionals.”

Ben Rezny, D.O.’16

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