Optimize Our Facilities to serve the community's health needs

A Clinic Designed to Serve Des Moines

Des Moines University has identified opportunities to support the renovation and expansion of clinical services to meet the high-demand needs of the community. These expanded services will benefit patients and enhance learning opportunities for our students.

New OMM Clinic Space

OMM Clinic (1)

Osteopathic manual medicine (OMM) is a hands-on set of skills used to evaluate and treat the neuro-musculo-skeletal (nerve, muscle and bone) system. Trained osteopathic physicians use their hands to diagnose and treat illness and injury. While drugs, surgery and other forms of treatment are important components of patient care, OMM offers a highly effective, non-invasive advantage.

DMU will expand its OMM Clinic on campus. The new and enhanced space and amenities will permit physicians and osteopathic medical students to treat more patients.

New Behavioral Health Clinic

The University is committed to establishing a new behavioral health clinic within the DMU Clinic on campus. That will be a critical resource for the community. The Student Counseling Center will become part of the new clinic space, which also will allow clinical students to interact with patients under physician supervision, further enhancing their training.

Expanded Physical Therapy Clinic

PT Clinic Rendering

Clinicians and students in DMU’s expansive physical therapy practice have developed a robust set of services that help people with preventive care and injury or surgery recovery strategies. DMU will expand and centralize its physical therapy operations to more efficiently serve clients.

The new space will offer patients enhanced services with the following:

  • more therapeutic work space and equipment
  • additional consultation rooms to increase patient visits and ensure confidentiality
  • space for more practitioners, faculty and students to work with clients
  • new areas for faculty to conduct research

The DMU Fund

A critical component of the Campaign for Des Moines University is the DMU Fund,  which supports all University priorities. This fund gives us the flexibility to seize short-term opportunities and accelerate longer-term advancements in our facilities, curriculum and technologies.

Create An Immediate Impact

Gifts to the DMU Fund are demonstrated acts of confidence in the University’s mission. The fund is a wonderful way for alumni and friends to come together and support the campaign with donations of any amount. All contributions to the fund support DMU’s daily operations and future initiatives, making the University less dependent on tuition revenue. The DMU Fund plays a key role in the University’s financial strength and stability.

Gifts to the DMU Fund go to work immediately, ensuring that more students achieve their goal of becoming DMU graduates and leaders in health care. Every dollar donated to the fund supports the entire DMU experience.

Philip Blumberg

“The people and resources of DMU uniquely position us to become a leader in providing medically integrated health and wellness programs that benefit community members, businesses and future health care providers. We will demonstrate health care the way it must be taught and delivered.”

Philip Blumberg, M.H.A.,
DMU Clinic Executive Director

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