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How do your gifts make a difference at DMU? Let us count the ways: Through the generosity of alumni and friends, the university has established a variety of funds that provide critically needed scholarships, bring distinguished experts to campus, support provocative conferences and more. In addition to the funds listed on this page, each DMU college and academic program has a scholarship fund as well as a fund that supports college/program priorities. Regardless of size, every gift to DMU makes a positive and important difference.

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Scholarships, Awards and Priority Program Funds

The following funds are available as options when designating your gift:

All Programs
The DMU Fund is an annual fundraising campaign that strives to raise unrestricted gifts to the university. Unrestricted money has allowed the university to invest in student scholarships, technological and facility improvements, our excellent faculty and many other university needs and opportunities.
The DMU Scholarship is an unrestricted university-wide scholarship which will be distributed to students enrolled at DMU.
The W. Stevenson & Luther T. Glanton Fund
is intended to be used for scholarships and other programming related to diversity at DMU.  Funds are used for scholarship assistance and recruiting of qualified minority students.  Celebrating the Honorable Luther T. Glanton Jr. and Willie Stevenson Glanton’s passion for helping others succeed, the couple created the Glanton Fund.
The White Coat Program. Those who wear the white coat accept the responsibilities of their professions and confirm their commitment to practicing with integrity and wisdom. Consider a gift to the white coat program today!
The Bertrand R. Adams Endowed Memorial Scholarship was created through the will of Mary Adams, Dr. Bertrand Adams’ widow. Dr. Adams was a 1943 College of Osteopathic Medicine who served as a physician for almost 50 years.
The Joseph Dorgan Trust provides financial assistance for African-American students.
The Employees Supporting Students Scholarship provides an opportunity for employees and their family members to make contributions for scholarships to DMU students with the recognition that faculty and staff support the future of DMU students.
Foster Group Fund for Global Health will support Global Health initiatives international and/or domestic for Des Moines university.
The Dr. Angela L. Walker Franklin Fund focus’ on the following principles for the future: Diversity and inclusivity; Curriculum mapping and enhanced clinical experiences for all students’ Assessment and Faculty development. Established by DMU’s 15th president, President Angela L. Walker Franklin, the Dr. Angela L. Walker Franklin Fund delivers curriculum and hands-on learning experiences to faculty development and a curriculum that addresses culturally competent care.
The Joyce and Stanley Gallagher Endowment Fund was established by the couple to support high-priority programs of the university.
The Greater Issues Lecture Series Fund will support a lecture series that will help cast a national spotlight on DMU as a facilitator of vital discussions of the most pressing public health issues. The series will feature discussions on a broad range of health topics with top leaders who share their expertise and perspectives with DMU.
The Mental Health Initiatives Fund assists in addressing the nation’s significant need for highly competent mental health care providers through behavioral health, student and faculty development initiatives.
The Paul and Josephine Kloetzly Scholarship Fund was established by the couple to support DMU students.
The Justice Alfred D. Lerner Endowed Scholarship Fund benefits DMU students who are veterans of the U.S. military in good academic standing and who have financial need. The justice Alfred D. Lerner Endowed Scholarship Fund was established to honor his service to DMU and the nation.
The Charlene Beatrice Mastandrea Scholarship Fund was established by Robert E. Mastandrea in memory of his wife, Charlene Beatrice Mastandrea. The scholarship is to assist worthy and deserving young men and women who are enrolled and pursuing courses on a full-time basis.
The Gordon Meaney Scholarship was established through its namesake’s trust to honor the memory of his son, William Meaney, D.O., a 1952 DMU graduate. The fund supports scholarships.
The Health P.A.S.S.Fund supports the Health P.A.S.S. program that brings to campus promising undergraduate students for immersion into graduate medical and health science programs and exposure to health careers. Preference is given to those under-represented in medicine and health sciences.
The Knuessl Anatomy Fund was established by Frank M. Kneussl, Ph.D., to support the Department of Anatomy.
The Edward and Amanda Miller Family Endowment Fund provides scholarships to  DMU students with an interest in pediatric and adolescent medicine.
The Katie Miller Endowed Fund established in memory of a COM student who died from colorectal cancer, supports a regular conference on
campus focused on cancer issues faced by young adults.
The Claude Oster Scholarship Fund offers support to all students with financial need who are enrolled in or accepted into DMU. Preference is given to students enrolled in COM and to dependents of members of the United Auto Workers or dependents
of an organized labor union.
The Rural Clinic Pathways Fund is used to address the shortage of rural health care by enhancing its electives that give students clinical experiences and insights into the unique demands of rural medicine. This fund will also be used to assist in expenses related to the DMU mobile clinic serving rural areas not necessarily receiving the medical attention needed.
The Dr. Yogesh and Deval Shah Endowed Scholarship was established by the couple to support Global Health initiatives international and/or domestic for Des Moines University.
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