The end of an era sparks new beginnings

From left: Arthur Abramson, D.O.'43, George Boston, D.O.'38, Donald McDonough, D.O.'33

From left: Arthur Abramson, D.O.’43, George Boston, D.O.’38, Donald McDonough, D.O.’33

Gene Holst of Bettendorf, IA, always appreciated the care he received from his osteopathic physician, Dr. Jack Hannum, who became a good friend. Recognizing that Holst, then a banker, had valuable financial skills, the physician asked him to join the board of the Davenport (IA) Osteopathic Hospital.

When the hospital was sold in 1984, the proceeds established the Quad City Osteopathic Foundation, and Holst became its board president. He continued in that role through 2019, but health issues and his 80th birthday prompted him to propose a “plan of succession” to his fellow board members. 

That plan, unanimously approved by the foundation board and its members in March, will dissolve the entity but leave a lasting legacy: Among the benefactors of the disbursements of its fund will be osteopathic students at Des Moines University. The new Davenport Osteopathic Hospital Scholarship also will honor Arthur Abramson, D.O.’43; George Boston, D.O.’38; and Donald McDonough, D.O.’33, three of the 10 founders of the hospital. 

Holst is proud that the Quad City Osteopathic Foundation gave nearly $6 million in scholarships, grants and physician loan forgiveness in the past 33 years. “We still have $2.3 million to give, so we wanted it to have an impact,” he says. 

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